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From the open air markets of ancient Greece to the home screen of your smartphone, some of the fiercest battles throughout history have been fought not for land or gold, but for attention.

Not so long ago, India was a country characterised by the trader markets similar to those of antiquity.

Fast forward to today and the landscape has transformed completely. Armed with the cheapest mobile data rates in the world, hundreds of millions of Indians are entering the online marketplace for the first time. It’s little wonder then that the country’s digital marketing spend is slated to grow from $1.3 billion in 2018 to $3.5 billion in 2021.

In this new digital frontier where thousands of companies are attempting to outbid, outsmart and outshout each other for consumers attention, finding the right Digital Marketing talent can be painstaking, time-consuming and stressful at best, and catastrophic at worst.
But you don’t have to worry, we are here to make your life easier!

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We are a passionate young team of individuals who understand that hiring the right people can make or break a company – and for these people, finding the right opportunity can make or break a career.


Because the one thing history has taught us well, is that to beat the competition, we need the right people on our side.


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