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Problem Of The Day


Your client, luxepolis ( is a luxury product’s eCommerce store where you can buy luxury lifestyle products from global brands. Luxepolis has hired you to manage its programmatic advertising campaigns. Recently the sales of one of their products have been underperforming, and they have asked you to work on increasing sales. Product Link: double-zip-satchel-rlhb2006.html

Your Task

Below is the Google Analytics acquisition report for two channels, Display and Organic. Comment on the quality of Display traffic with Organic traffic and then explain what would you do to improve it. (Max 400 words)

Source (Sale) Users Bounce Rate Avg. Session Duration Goal 1 Conversions
Display 45000 30% 00:00:70 400
Organic 20000 23% 00:01:34 270
Time Required

15 Minutes

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